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Exclusively imported from Taiwan

  • Baking Method : Full-City Roast Medium Roasting
  • Beans Type : Arabica beans + 10% Robusta beans
  • Origin : Dominica / Brazil / Kenya
  • Planting Altitude : 500 - 1500 meters
  • Exquisite Method : Washing / Semi-washing method
  • Texture : Mellow
  • Acidity : Very low

Dominican Especial AA (Ice Type) coffee beans as base, mixed with Brazilian, Kenyan and other coffee beans, and added 10% Robusta beans in accordance with the ancient formula of coffee, to increase the thickness of coffee. Compared to the single-region coffee or the familiar Mamba, the Italian-style integrated coffee, this coffee takes Dominican coffee beans with a slight aroma of sugarcane and rum, with the strong flavour of Kenyan coffee beans and the sour bitter balance of Brazilian coffee beans added to the mellow taste making it wilder and stronger in flavour. In order to express the unique flavour of this coffee while retains the smoothness of the mellow taste, specially adopted Full-City Roast Medium Roasting technique, which elevates the taste bud limit and emphasizes the layering difference from the general heavy roast coffee.


Exclusively imported from Taiwan

  • Baking Method : City Roast Medium Roasting
  • Beans Types : Arabica Beans
  • Origin : Jarabacoa, Dominica Republic
  • Planting Altitude : 1100 - 1500 meters
  • Exquisite Method : Semi-washing method
  • Texture : Refreshing
  • Acidity : Low

The combination of Organic (organic ink), produced by Caribbean-based coffee-producing country (Dominican Republic) and Especial AA (Ice Type), two types of excellent coffee beans with the most fascinating proportions combined. Dominica is a Caribbean island country in Central America. Because it is located facing the wind of Atlantic Ocean (also known as the "trade wind"), it has the reputation of "the paradise of the Caribbean's trade winds". With the same variety and the same terroir with Jamaica’s "Blue Mountain Coffee" but were planted at a higher altitude and dedicated to organic farming methods. The taste is refreshing while retaining the unique flowers, fruit and nutty fragrance of Dominican. It is a premium quality coffee that coffee expertise and coffee lovers would not ignore.