Prime Caribbean Coffee
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  • Baking Method : City Roast Medium Roasting
  • Beans Types : Arabica Beans
  • Origin : Jarabacoa, Dominica Republic
  • Planting Altitude : 1100 - 1500 meters
  • Exquisite Method : Semi-washing method
  • Texture : Refreshing
  • Acidity : Low
What's in the box

10 packets of freshly roasted drip coffee.

The filter cloth in the inner bag is made of imported special non-woven filter bag from Japan. The text on the filter cloth is printed with food grade ink, which is safe and flawless. The hanging ear is bonded with filter cloth by patented ultrasonic bonding technology. Completely free of adhesive, compliance with safety and health requirements, and ensure that no impurities odour or harmful substances are released.